Information Literacy Network of the GCC

The Information Literacy Network is a voluntary group of librarians and educators in the Arabian Gulf region and beyond, who are interested in sharing and promoting news and resources about information literacy.

ILN Organization 2018-2019

Board of Directors:
Chair, 2018-19: Meggan Houlihan, NYU Abu Dhabi (2020)
Vice-Chair, 2018-19 Melanie Wood, Zayed University Dubai (2021)
Past Chair, 2017-18: A. M. Salaz, Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar (2019)
Professional Development Chair, 2018-19: Mireille El Najjar, Horizon School, Abu Dhabi (2019)
Communications Chair, 2018-19: Asma’a S. Assim, Petroleum Institute (Part of Khalifa University), Abu Dhabi (2019)

Directors At Large
Amani Majid, NYU, Abu Dhabi (2019)
Gordana Rauski,  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia (2019)
Kristine Stewart, Zayed University, Dubai (2021)
Taylor Hixson, NYU, Abu Dhabi (2021)
Mohammad Al Hamad, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, Abu Dhabi (2021)                                                                        

Special Libraries Association-Arabian Gulf Chapter Councilor: Dr. Saif Al Jabri, SQU, Oman (2021)


The Professional Development Committee works to provide formal and informal venues for information literacy practitioners to share their experiences, learn best practices and develop information literacy teaching and research skills. The committee works to promote mentoring relationships for working practitioners and MLS students, organizes and hosts a variety of professional development workshops, and partners with regional and international organizations to bring professional learning and networking opportunities to practitioners across the GCC.

Chair, 2018-19: Mireille El Najjar, Horizon School, Abu Dhabi
Vice-Chair, 2018-19: Jeff Verbeem, Zayed University, Dubai
Past Chair, 2017-2018: Patricia Jamal, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi


The Communications Committee works to support and promote the activities of the ILN as a whole by establishing and maintaining an effective web presence and other communications mechanisms as appropriate, promoting the benefits of the ILN, maintaining membership lists, and recruiting new members to the group.

Chair, 2018-19: Asma’a S. Assim, Petroleum Institute (Part of Khalifa University), Abu Dhabi
Vice-Chair, 2018-19: Nicole Brothers, Texas A & M University, Qatar
Past Chair, 2017-18: Melanie Wood, Zayed University Dubai


Positions to be elected Summer 2019:
2019-2020 Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors
2019-2020 Vice-Chair of the Communications Committee
2019-2020 Vice-Chair of the Professional Development Committee
Two At-large positions.