David Joseph Wrisley

David Joseph Wrisley is Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi. He holds an AB in Humanities from the University of Chicago and a MA/PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from Princeton University.  He is an interdisciplinary scholar-teacher whose research and teaching interests include digital humanities, spatial humanities, visualization for the humanities and medieval studies. At the core of his research are questions of spatio-temporality, multilingualism, interculturality and the materiality and variance of archival documents. He works in seven languages, including Arabic.  Before joining the faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi, he taught at the City University of New York and the American University of Beirut. He teaches workshops at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (Canada) and the European Summer University for Digital Humanities (Germany). While he was Chairperson of the Department of English at AUB from 2010-14, he worked to establish digital humanities as a field of academic and community practice in the Middle East. In 2015 he co-founded the Digital Humanities Institute Beirut and since 2016 he has been building an undergraduate curriculum in digital humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi. His research and advocacy aims at creating communities of digital research in the humanities within and across multiple communities: in NYU as a whole, as well as at a regional (MENASA) and local (UAE/Gulf) levels. You can learn more about his work at djwrisley.com.

Shaikha Al Muhairi

Shaikha Al Muhairi is a librarian and educator. She holds a BA in English language and literature and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. She worked as a teacher for the Ministry of Education in Abu Dhabi for 11 years. Then she moved to Zayed University where she worked as a librarian and instructor for 7 years. She worked for a development agency where she was responsible for community development, adult education, higher education, and employment of the residents of the western region of Abu Dhabi. She became the head of public libraries in Authority of Tourism & Culture in 2011 and currently she heads the Cultural Resources Center in the Culture sector of the same organisation.

Throughout her career, Shaikha has been an advocate of reading and children literature. She has trained teachers and librarians through the Ministry of Education and Abu Dhabi Education Council for many years on strategies of reading, attracting children to books and parents involvement in reading.She has worked with young authors to publish their books.  

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